Arola farm and wilderness holidays wish those who are interested in nature and experiences a warm welcome.

¨ Are wild animals the main characters in your story, and have you encountered them in their natural habitat?

¨ Come to Arola to experience a touch of wilderness that you have only heard about before.

¨ Here you can discover your adventure and be part of the story yourself.

¨ How will you tell it?

Sincerely, Helena and Eero from Arola

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Nikolai Kashaev eagle, Gerard smith,3 cups,Helena Seppänen,male

The historic main building at Arola was spared by the destruction of the war.Downstairs in the building is a farmhouse living room and upstairs there are two bedrooms.

Dinner can served for guests in the Arola historic farmhouse living room if ordered separately..

From this cottage, the message of the outbreak of the Winter War was brought to the other villagers by Lempi, who then was the mistress of the house.


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The bear safaries are going on now. We have seen 2-3 male bears, a wolverine and eagles

The 6 hour evening safari the price 80 eur person, over night safari the price 130 eur per person

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021

This is Taivalkoski river near the Arola Farm


bear safari 2019(5/8/19)
The first bear came the 4th of April 2019

8/18/21  Bear safaris are over 2021
4/11/21 8:14 AM  Bears are here 2021
8/22/20  Bear safaries are over 2020