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Winter hiking / Summer hiking

" In the stunning winter landscape, skiing helps you forget the busy pace of the city...

Late winter and early spring are the best times for going on cross country ski trips.  Choose a ski trip to the hiking routes by the eastern border, either to the cabin by Lake Teerilampi in Martinselkonen, or to the lean-to shelter by the river Martijoki, or to the Hämeaho cabin. During the summer, bicycling is a great way of exploring the area.  The river Karttimojoki is stunning to see from a rowboat or canoe.




Late winter and early spring are the best times for cross country ski trips.  Glistening white snow entices you on guided or private tours.  What is a better way of exploring the sights of the nature in winter than by a well-planned peaceful ski trip?


On summertime bicycle trips, you can get acquainted with local attractions and the tranquility of the rural village.

Canoe trips provide an excellent opportunity to explore the diverse waters of the area.



Skiing at Russian border line and Martinselkonen

It is possible to see many tracks of different animals like moose,wolwerine,weasel and many other tracks of different animals. Spend a week at Arovilla apartment. 2 person 420 eur and half board 350eur

Rental price 2021:

  • Ski package 10 Eur / day
  • Bicycle 10 Eur / day
  • Bicycle 50 Eur / week
  • Canoe 20 Eur / 1/2 day
  • Canoe 30 Eur / day

¨ Ready-made tracks

¨ Possibility for also longer cross country ski trips

¨ Beautiful terrain

¨ Guided skiing tours

¨ Plenty of snow