General information

Activities and experiences

Arola is a former dairy farm, which since the year 1995 has been developed into an agro-tourism destination.  The place is close to the Russian border, at the edge of Martinselkonen conservation area.

Arola is a year-round tourist destination and in its historic and renovated farmhouse it is possible to organize events and meals for groups of 20-30 people.

One of the most popular and interesting activities at Arola are the bear safaris, which are arranged from the mid of April until the 17th of August.

Other activities include fascinating bird and elk hunting trips in the fall, and wintertime ski trips along the winter hiking trails at the eastern border to the prehistoric Hossa or Martinselkonen  conservation areas, to Lake Teerilampi  cabin, or to the lean-to shelter by the river Martinjoki.

Not to forget the year-round fishing opportunities in the surrounding waters.

After all the activities, the day can be rounded off by enjoying a dinner at the Arola historic farmhouse and by taking a sauna bath in the relaxing wood heated sauna. Or smoke sauna is also been heated by reguest.


Enjoy peaceful fishing trips.

The year-round availability of the tourist destination gives the opportunity to get diverse, new and exiting nature experiences.