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Hunting / Fishing

?  You can fish in the rivers Karttimojoki or Taivaljoki, as well as in the nearby Hossa fishing paradise. 

From Arola you can go on independent or group fishing and hunting trips.

Fishing experiences can be accumulated in a variety of water including:  rivers, wilderness ponds, and lakes.  They can be found in the area surrounding Arola.

During the hunting season you can hunt game in the surrounding area by yourself or take part in an organized elk hunt with the local elk hunters.


Arola is located in the middle of excellent hunting grounds.Extensive forest areas spread out around Arola, and here you can encounter different birds, grouses, hares.

Hunting licenses for hunting on state property can be bought on the webshop of Villipohjola.

There is also a river in the nearby area, where you can catch pike and other fish, for example trout in the rapids.

You can also fish in the river Karttimojoki, in the nearby river Taivaljoki, or in Hossa fishermen's paradise, which is located only about 30 km from Arola.

During late summer you can also find good berry and mushroom picking locations.

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¨ Clean water for fishing

¨ You can experiment with different forms of fishing

¨ The diverse fauna of the area

¨ Guided tours

¨ Great experiences also without a catch

¨ Good campsites