Accommodation / Dining

The accommodation facilities can be tailored according to your wishes, whether you want comfortability or an extreme wilderness adventure with accommodation in natural surroundings. 

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Pitopalvelu tarjoaa kattavan valikoiman niin perinteisiä ruokia kuin makuja tämän hetken trendeistäkin.

Menukokonaisuudet räätälöidään asiakkaan toiveiden mukaan.

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Bear safaris

Take photos of and look at bears from the safety of a round log hut.  In the beginning of the summer, we leave to the hut around 4 PM and from the beginning of July already at 3 PM.

From the end of April - August 17th   

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Hunting / Fishing 

From Arola you can go on independent or group fishing and hunting trips.

A paradise for people who like the wilderness

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Winter hiking / Summer hiking

A ski trip in late winter and early spring is a pleasure that is a must. Choose between ski trails to the cabin by Lake Teerilampi in Martinselkonen, or to the lean-to shelter by the river Martinjoki, or to the prehistoric Hossa. 

Good sceneries and ski trails

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