Arola bear safaris

Wilderness holidays at traditional Arola farm The traditional Arola Farm is located next to Russian border and Martinselkonen Nature Conservation Area.

Bear safaris Start at 16.00 pm May and June we start at 15.00 pm. We will stop the 17th of August, because the bear hunting starts at the 20th of august


+358 45-6711330 Jeru

+358 44-2858925 Eero

+358 50-5189775 Helena


This is a unique possibility to see bears in the wilderness Before the start for the safaris, you will be given information about the bears by the quide. We will go by car most of the way and after we walk about 500m to the hides please ware rubber or similar boots, which leave less smell on the bath for the bears. Otherwise dress up for the conditions with long sleeves and trousers.

No cigarettes, alcohol or any kind of perfumes are permitted as they smell too much. Walk slowly, never run, for your own safety. Snacks will be taken by the quide (coffee, or tea and sandwiches) In the hides there are possibility to photograph the bears, there are also toilets inside.

The safari lasts about 6 hour, depending weather the bears will come and go away.   By prior arrangement it is possible to stay over night.